Setting the Mood for Love with a Home Cooked Meal


Ok, so let’s say you and your partner have been in a little rut sexually. Things just aren’t clicking and you spend more time watching Netflix at night than getting frisky under the sheets. These droughts will occur from time to time, but it might take some effort to get the juices flowing once again.

And it is in the humble opinion of this blogger that the way to the bedroom starts with dinner. A romantic dinner can set the mood for fun later on. But skip going out to a restaurant. Sure, the food will be good, but being surrounded by other people eating is not exactly the best way to get you and your partner ready to rip each other’s clothes.

No, instead, I would suggest that you plan a home cooked meal that will send you both right to the bedroom for a fun and romantic night together. So, how do you plan a romantic dinner at home? There are many routes here, and it will be different for every couples. However, here are a few things you should consider:

Do Not Serve Tacky Foods: I heard once from a friend that he served his wife a piece of steak that he carved into the shape of a penis. This did not end with him getting that lucky that night. Instead, try out foods that are natural aphrodisiacs. Hot chilies are high in capsaicin, which will release endorphins and get the heart pumping. Oysters are another excellent aphrodisiac. If you’re not a shellfish person, there are always strawberries.

Create the Right Environment: No matter the gender of your partner, flowers, candles, and music are a must. They will add romance to the atmosphere and start the seduction. And it goes without question that you should tidy up before dinner. If the house is filthy, that doesn’t exactly signal that love is in the air.

Try Getting a Little Kinkier: Obviously, the effectiveness will depend on the willingness of your partner, but sex toys can add a little spice and increase the fun. For example, I once shopped online at an adult toy store and bought vibrating panties for my wife. Vibrating panties for her contain a little pocketed egg vibrator that is positioned over the clitoris to stimulate her. My wife agreed to wear them throughout dinner, and let’s just say that we didn’t make it to dessert that night.

Tex Daniels